Choosing Roof Shingle Style & Color

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Emily Videtto, Executive Director of residential roofing at GAF, provides tips for choosing the right roof shingle color and style for your home.

    Emily Videtto: Hi! I am Emily Videtto, Executive Director of Residential Roofing at GAF. Today, I'm going to discuss how to choose a right shingle color and style for your roof.

    Roofing materials can be made of wood, slate, clay, ceramic and even metal, but most likely you will be choosing between different asphalt shingles, since they are by far the most popular choice for residential roofing. According to a recent study with the National Association of Realtors, 91% of realtors surveyed think shingle color and style is important to the over all appeal of a home. So this part of the decision-making process is crucial. Here are three key factors to focus on; first, think about the architectural style of your home. Today leading asphalt shingle manufacturers offer a wide variety of designs and colors to match a broad spectrum of personal taste as well as wide variety of architectural styles. Asphalt shingles can even mimic the look of slate, wood and stone but at a far lower cost. Second, consider the pitch or steepness of your roof. With a lower the perceived thickness of the shingle would be more visually important. With a steeper pitch roof the cut and design of the shingle contributes more to the visual aesthetic. Choosing a shingle with a unique design will give an extra flare to the roof and to the overall house. The third factor is color; you will want to select a shingle that matches your exterior color palette and most importantly your personal style. Look for a Shingle manufacturer that employs design consultants and architects, to make sure your shingle color palette aligns with your siding and trim color portfolio. Today, an Internet search on the term roofing will lead you to the leading shingle manufacturers where you can get exposure to the many color and style options that you have, as well as some neat tools to help you visualize what different shingles might look like on a house like yours. A little advance research can make a big difference in how you are new roof affects your homes curb appeal.