Choosing Snowboard Accesories

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ski and snowboard equipment expert Chris Bunch discusses how to choose the right ski and snowboard equipment, including how to chose the right snowboard accessories.

    Chris Bunch: Hey, this is Chris Bunch from Alpine Ski Shop here in Sterling, Virginia. We are going to be going over some snowboard accessories right now. One of the things that you are going to need when snowboarding is a good pair of comfortable bindings. Now, I am going to show you two different types that are on the market today. This is your conventional binding, easy to use ratchets, sometimes called a ratchet binding. Nice, cushy strap, sit down on the ground after you get off the lift, put them on and rip down the mountain. Different levels of these again, are just like in snowboards, a softer binding is for your developing riders and as you get to be a better rider you want a stiffer binding. That will transmit energy faster from your foot to the board. Ratchet binding.

    The second type of binding that we have on the market today is what I call a flow binding. Flow bindings have taken over where step-ins left off. If you remember correctly everyone had the step-ins it was like a Shimano pedal with the pieces on your boot and you would step on to the board. Quite convenience factor but no performance what so over. Flow came out a couple years ago. What they do is a high back that opens up. You can use any good on the wall, step in here, ratchet it up and go. So, we have regular ratchet bindings and then we have flow type bindings, very easy to use. The second thing that you are going to need is a great, comfortable pair of boots. Now, again, with the ease of enter and exit people are loving what we call the Boa lacing systems. Open it up, dial it in and that is how you tighten your boot. Boots work just like snowboard bindings and just like boards, the softer the flexing in the boot the easier it is to ride in.

    As you get to be a better rider you going to want a stiffer boot to transmit energy again faster. We have boa lacing here and there is always your conventional lacing boot. Snowboard boots should get nice and snug and again, wear a nice pair of socks with them and this will help you snowboard better and that is snowboard accessories.