Choosing the Correct Lights for Your Christmas Tree

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bill Quinn with Christmastreeforme discusses how to select the perfect artificial Christmas tree for your home including choosing the correct lights for your tree.

    Bill Quinn: Hi, I am Bill Quinn with Christmastreeforme. We are talking about how to select the perfect artificial Christmas tree for your home. Part of that is selecting the right type of light. Now here we have four different types of lights that could go on your Christmas tree. These will work obviously for either artificial or for a fresh tree. This is a standard, if one bulb burns out the rest stay lit light-string. This a little bit more advanced technology where you can actually pull bulbs out of the string. This is a little bit more advanced technology, from this also you can pull bulbs out and then this is the LED light, it will consume about 80-85% less electricity to burn. This is the string that 90-95% of the lights that you see on a home, on a Christmas tree garland etc. If one bulb burns out the rest will stay lit, however, the sentence is never completed and that is if you pull a bulb out, the light string goes our or if this bulb breaks, cracks, shorts out or is otherwise damaged in anyway the light string goes out which can definitely create frustration for you. Next is a little bit more advanced technology, where we can pull a bulb out and the light is flashed for a moment but then they came back on? Now, this technology is great.



    . you can pull out a number of bulbs out of this string and the lights will stay on however there is one thing that you need to watch for, and that is, this string has what's called a fuse bulb. This bulb although it is about the same size and shape, it has a different colored ring that most importantly if this bulb is damaged in anyway, this whole string will go out and it can't be fixed because you cannot replace this fuse bulb, it's permanently attached to the string. So in my opinion that is the significant downside of this particular type of light string. This is the most advanced mini-light that we know of. This light-string also has the ability to pull not one but multiple generally up-to five bulbs per string out or they could be damaged, broken etc and the light string will stay on. You can see how important this would be if it is on a Christmas tree, if there are bulbs that are off the rest of the strings stays on, so it's very easy to identify, oh my bulb has fallen out. Lastly, and this is our favorite for 2008 is the LED light. They use 80-85% less electricity to burn. But the great thing for this year these Wide Angle LEDs they have the same color as the traditional mini light and about the same brightness and years past the way that the LEDs were manufactured was to be the same kind of size and shape, which was okay but the color that would come out the light it didn't look good. But most importantly they were so bright that you felt like you had to wear sunglasses inside every time that you looked at your Christmas tree and so they have really done a good job this year of fixing that. Now, the other thing that's great about an LED is the -- in general these may burn for 3000 hours, these can burn for a 100,000 hours. In addition these are very, very durable. You can easily break one of these bulbs by dropping them, by catching them in a branch etc, in a hinge, on an Artificial tree. These are very durable. I have tried, I have worked with them, I have tried to mutilate them and they do a very good job of surviving.

    The other important piece though to understand is that if one these bulbs is removed from the string and they are very tight in there the string will go out. However if you think about the fickleness of a traditional mini-light, that traditional mini light with the one bulb's turn burns out the rest stay lit. This bulb can very easily short out which we talk about in another video about how the shunt becomes oxidized; this doesn't have a shunt in it. This does not this bulb is not as fickle it will not break as easily and so in our opinion the -- due to the, the lower amount of electricity that's used in these lights, the increased durability of these lights, that these are a good option. We think that these are a good option as well.

    So in our trees, in our own homes we use either this type of advanced technology with the micro-chip in the bottom of the socket or we use the LED lights. So in summary, we have talked about four different types of mini lights that one might put on their trees, we definitely recommend that you choose from these two types of lights. And next we are going to talk about how to choose between a realistic tree and a more traditional manufactured tree.