Choosing the Correct Prints for You

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fashion expert Caroline O’Neil discusses how to choose the correct prints.

    Cindy: Hi! I am Cindy I am with Wilma and Meredith and we are looking now at prints. We all love to wear prints, but we don't always get the right print for our body types and our natural coloring. I want you to look first at Wilma and you will see that she looks absolutely wonderful. She has picked up the color of her pants and her printed top. The print she is -- strong enough coloring, that she can take it off and it has many colors in it that would work various wardrobe pieces. Meredith has on a print, that is very, very large, it has white in it and for her coloring it probably -- the white probably precedes her, so it doesn't work as well on her. For her coloring she really needs something that's more muted, more toned down. She can wear colors, but she needs to have it more blended. This is a dress that has some fabric in it that actually would work for me, it's got my hair color in it. If that has your hair color in it, you can usually always wear it or your skin color and look it on her how all of a sudden she puts that print on and she becomes one person. If the dress is not -- the print is not preceding her, it is bending in her. So what you really see is her face, which is what you communicate with. We basically all have knits on. Knits are wonderful, they fit the body and they are very easy to wear. But somebody tries to look better in a little more structure, something that's cotton something that has some body to it and we will go on and talk about that later.