Choosing the Perfect Beach Bag and Accessories

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hot tips for bringing your style with you to the beach!

    Tara Stewart: Hi! I'm Tara Stewart, Market Director at More Magazine. I'm here today to help you find the perfect beach tote and the seaside accessories to go along with it. The Shoreline Straw Tote by Lands' End is super lightweight and going to hold a lot.

    I love to film on with the super plus towels. They're extra long, which is great for those swivel lounge chairs when you're prompt to picnic at the beach. Don't forget to wear a hat. Hat is key and straw is another great option. It's not only breathable the white rim helps to keep the sun's harmful rays off of you.

    Along with sunscreen, keep hydrated. Lose the plastic and opt for a glass and rubber bottle instead, it won't break at the poolside. Lands' End also has these amazing foot wear in retro style prints, super cute and comfortable arch support, takes you from the seaside to the boardwalk in no time and in style.

    To keep your iPad and other accessories waterproof and safe, use this little case by Echo. It's cute it's durable and I also like to throw my swimsuit in it when I'm not using it for my iPad. Canvas totes are another great option. They're super durable and lasts a really longtime.

    I love to have my monogrammed, and when I am not using it at the beach, I love to tow my groceries home in them. Also sunglasses are key for your beach accessories. So, load up your tote, throw in some accessories, and head to the beach. Have fun!