Choosing the Right Colors for Fall Makeup

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Suzanne Minskey with faces by SAM Makeup Artistry will be showing you how to choose the right colors for fall for your skin tone.

    Suzanne Minskey: Hi! my name is Suzanne Minskey with faces by SAM Makeup Artistry and today I'm showing you how to do a fall makeup look. Right now I'm going to show you how to choose the right colors for fall for your skin tone.

    Now if you have warm tones to your skin like my model Michelle here, you want to choose something with a warmer tone to it. Something like chocolate browns, warm purples or a little bit of red to then kind of a burgundy type brown will look good for you.

    If you cooler skin tones, if you have a little bit of pinkness to your skin not so much yellow that would be a cooler tone. You want to stick with something a little bit on the cooler end with a little bit more grey to it. Make a slightly more gray purple, something like a nice amethyst or light pinks.

    So how do you know if you're a warm or a cool tone person? It's pretty easy to tell. You want to take into consideration a few different factors. First of all it's going to be your actual skin tone but your hair and your eye color can throe things off a little bit.

    Now an under tone is something that you're born with. A lot of people confuse that with their over tone which is the damage that's been done to their skin overtime which creates a slightly different wash of color over the surface of the skin.

    If you have recently been out in the sunlight, my model here, you may have a little bit of pinkness or redness to the surface of your skin. That would be creating a temporary over tone of redness.

    The quickest way to tell what your true under tone is, is to look at a patch of skin that typically doesn't see much sun and doesn't get much damaged from the elements and one of those places is the inside part of your wrist. Now try not to take into the consideration the blue veins that most people have there. But take a look at the skin slightly next to it.

    If there is a slightly yellowish or warmish orange tint to the skin then you're probably a warm tone person. If there is a slightly more pink or slightly more grayish or bluish tone to the skin then that would mean you're cool tone person.

    Also, taking into consideration again the hair and the eye color, warm brown hair, warm brown eyes is typically going to go with somebody with a warmer skin tone. Somebody who has cool dark hair like a black or a very cool dark brown with blue eyes are going to typically be more in the cool tone range.

    That's how you determine whether or not you're a warm or a cool tone person. Now that we've discussed how to pick the right colors for you for fall, we're going to start on the eyes.