Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Nursery

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Baby furniture expert from Great Beginnings discusses how to choose the right mattress for your nursery.

    Hi, I am Jim. We are working on a segment on how to build the perfect nursery and we will talk about crib mattresses. This has been the number one mattress for the past ten years by a leading testing organization and also by the 'Baby Bargain' book. It's the firmest foam mattress we have. It's extremely firm which is what you want for a newborn baby so they can not go face down and suffocate. Notice it has got square corners so it will fit in your crib nice and snug. It has got about 50 vent holes in the outside so if your toddler jumps up and down, let us say here out, it has got a triple laminated cover which is two layers of vinyl with a layer of nylon in between for added strength. Also, got cloth ticking which creates a very tough corner or garret on the end.

    This being one of the firmest mattresses on the market, it offers an excellent mattress choice for your newborn baby and toddler, plus it being so hard, I barely penetrate into it. So, it would last the guaranteed ten years in your crib, it weighs about six pounds. So the weight has a big advantage so it's easy on your back and easy to get out of the crib. The same mattress in the series is called the dual zone mattress and this is actually a recommended mattress in Great Beginnings. It's the same super hard foam but then they glue a softer rate foam on the back side. So, the idea is you start off on the firm side with a newborn baby and then when he is about a year old and the risk of SIDS is gone you flip to the softer side for more comfortable sleep. That way, they conform more to their body creating less pressure points and more comfort for your toddler. It only costs about ten dollars more.

    The next class of mattresses is Innersprings. A good quality innerspring should weigh between 25 and 35 pounds that is because they use a thicker gauge material and a lot more materials inside. They usually cost about 25% to 50% more in cost and they can be just as firm or close to firm as the foam but the weight is really the big negative.

    The last segment of the innersprings would be the natural and organic mattresses. They use the same innersprings you use on the inside, they then use a coconut hair liner to protect the innerspring and it has cotton outside which adds softness to the mattress in the very top and helps to the flammability requirements. They are about $250-$300. They still weigh between 25 and 35 pounds. If you like the organic and green mattresses, these are definitely your choice.

    In conclusion, you want to try and get the firmest mattress possible to your crib that you can afford. Foam tends to be lighter; innersprings tends to be heavier and probably a little more expensive. We consider mattresses one of the most important things you get for your baby because it's one of the items that the baby spends the most time on.