Choosing the Right Ski Length for You

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ski and snowboard equipment expert Chris Bunch discusses how to choose the right ski and snowboard equipment, including how to choose the right length of ski.

    Chris Bunch: Hey, this is Chris Bunch from Alpine Ski Shop here in Sterling, Virginia and we are going to be going over how to choose the correct ski size. The rule of thumb is anything within the face, meaning where the ski tip comes you when standing still. We do chin to nose right here for those lower intermediate to all around the intermediate and if you are unsure of size I always like to air on the shorter side. If you are skiing more aggressively we like to go from nose to forehead. That gives you more edge and gives you a little bit more stability at speeds. So, chin to nose for the intermediate and under and nose to forehead for the more aggressive skiers and that is how to choose the correct ski size.

    Next, we are going to go over accessories that you will need when skiing.