Choosing the Right Snowboard for You

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ski and snowboard equipment expert Chris Bunch discusses how to choose the right ski and snowboard equipment, including how to choose the right snowboard for you.

    Chris Bunch: Hello, this is Chris Bunch from Alpine Ski Shop here in Sterling, Virginia and I am going to go over how to choose the correct snowboard. In snowboarding there are two types of snowboards. There are twin tips and directional twin tips. A twin tip is centre stanced; it can be ridden forward and backward equally as well. It's for the guys who play in the terrain park or who play in the terrain park, jib, hit halfpipes, rails also freeride. It does everything very well. The second type of board there is, is a directional twin tip. Directional twin tip is for that rider who pretty much goes one way most of the time. It doesn't mean you can't go backwards on the board but the board is set back so there is a definite nose and a definite tail.

    These are the differences in snowboards. Snowboards are also flexed. A softer flexing board rolls in the turns easier, builds your confidence, makes you a better rider. It doesn't hold as good at edge at the higher speeds. As you bump up in snowboards they get stiffer. They also put vibration dampeners in them. These are meant to go at higher rates of speed and vibration dampeners help keep the board on the snow. When the board is on the snow it's going to hold a better edge. These are some of the differences in snowboards and that is how to choose the correct snowboard and now, we will go to some snowboard accessories.