Choosing the Right Type of Ski

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ski and snowboard equipment expert Chris Bunch discusses how to choose the right ski and snowboard equipment, including how to choose the right type of ski.

    Chris Bunch: Hi, it's Chris Bunch from Alpine Ski Shop in Sterling, Virginia and we are going to be going over how to choose the correct ski model for you. Within ski lines, skis flex. The softer the flexing of the ski, the easier it rolls and returns. The more confidence it builds for you. A softer flexing ski is more for giving therefore allowing you to be off balance and not hurt you. As you tend to get better, you would want to be skiing faster. A softer flexing ski will not allow you to ski faster because it is just meant to build your confidence. As you move up in skis, take it stiffer in the flex. A stiffer flexing ski when you drive in to the turns, will give you that pop and rebound and feel into the next turn that you get with the intermediate to upper intermediate level skis. The way they do this is by adding sheets of metal or different wraps around the core. Also, what you find in higher levels of skis is because you are skiing at a high rate of speed they put more vibration dampeners in it because we don't want the ski to chatter at the higher speeds. This will help the ski hold a better edge for you when you are skiing faster. The other thing to note is that there is a difference between men's and ladies' skis. Ladies skis are mounted more forward to help women initiate turns easier. These are some of the differences in skis. Next, we are going to go over how to choose the correct ski length.