Christmas Apples

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Linda Quinn from the New York Apples Association discusses how to use apples to celebrate Christmas this year.

    Linda Quinn: Nothing is better then an old fashion Christmas. Hi! I am registered dietitian Linda Quinn with New York Apples. This year you can enjoy a simple and traditional holiday that will warm your family's hearts and keep them healthy all year long.

    By adding wholesome apples to your treats and desserts, you'll be adding fiber, vitamins and minerals. Research shows that apples can be protective against heart disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer and even asthma.

    Your kids will love baking and decorating apple cookies and making Christmas ornaments for the tree. Adding fun recipes like apple pancakes and Schutt's cider on Christmas morning.

    Make homemade apple sauce to fill the air with a comforting aroma, your family will remember for years to come. And then finish off the tradition with apple bread pudding. This delectable and old fashion recipe will transport you back to the simpler time when families sat by the fire and sang Christmas Carols.

    And apples aren't just for eating, try creating a simple yet allegiant apple center piece by combining red apples, greenery and fresh cranberries with tall glass jar. Christmas is about your loved ones. Keep yours healthy by incorporating apples into your life this holiday season and throughout the whole year.