Christmas – Decorating a Wreath

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    June Shea, principal of Shea Studio Interiors demonstrates how to decorate a wreath for Christmas.

    June Shea

    June Shea, IDS has been in the business of interiors for 26 years.  First in retail commercial interiors and then as principal of her own full service Interior Design company.  She is CQRID (Council for Qualification of Residential Interior Designers) certified.  She is a professional member of the Interior Design Society (IDS), an allied practitioner of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID),  a member of the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association (NVBIA) and is a member of the National Association of Remodeling Industries (NARI).  She is an award winning designer and has been featured in every home decor publication in the /washington DC metro area.  Shea has also been featured in USA today, the Washington Post, The Washington Times, Lowes Honme improvement website and  She has written articles for the various organizations she belongs to and has served in leadership positions in those organizations.  She embraces new technologies and methods and teaches some of these same skills to members of her profession.

    Jean Shea: Hi, my name is Jean Shea with Shea Studio Interiors and I am showing you how to decorate a beautiful holiday home. The next thing, I am going to show you is how to decorate a reef. This reef is a store bought reef, you can buy it at a local craft store, at a floral shop at Costco. They usually run about $10 to $20 and this one is called the mixed greens reef. It already has a couple of pine cones pre-attached or you can start with something that is plainer. Things you are going to need is you are going to need some floral picks, different items that you would get from a craft store and since I am doing kind of a golden red theme, everything that I have pulled is reinforcing those same colors.

    You are going to have to use some scissors, some wire, possibly some decorative ribbon, anything that you want to put on your reef is fair game, got some wire snips and we have a bow which we made earlier. I like for the I put my reef on the front door, so I kind of want it to jingle a little bit, so then I know when people are coming in. so, I am going to start by putting a little bit of this reef, just twirl it through and it does not really take much to secure it, you can just wrap it around the branch, I am going to take it around my reef and just create loops and follow the pattern of the greens.

    Alright, so I am just going to tuck this in here and like I said it really does not take much to get it secured. Get one more thing here, okay, so we have our jingly reef now. Now, you want to take some picks, some floral picks, whatever you want to use, you do not have to, you can use as much or as little as you want. I am just going to start sticking these in and I like to have things that are a little bit asymmetrical. So, I am probably just going to play up one corner of this and perhaps even put some berries, I am just sticking in there and they are going to stay put. Now, the key to making something look good is just to continue to shape it. A lot of these picks are wired, you can make them curve. So, they kind of follow the contours of the reef. This is just some holy leaves that fell off of another garland I was using, so I am just going to tuck it in here. Because anything that you have that you can use, you can just add. I am going to just tuck some of these gold leaves in with the other greens and these things are going to hold because this breaking these apart with my hands. I am just sticking them in and you just kind of go all the way around, if you want to think of dividing your reef in to sections, just divide it up into fits. Odd numbers are best, so I have got one, two, three, now four and I have got -- this is the main attraction.

    This is just some really cool thing that I found that has beads on it and I am probably going to orient the reef. So that, this is at the top and this is at the bottom. So, I want this to hang a little bit, so I am going to try to stick it in here, so it trails down over this side. That one I probably will try to secure in the back a little bit. They will come through the back and you can just bend it over and it will stay put. Okay, it s not going anywhere, okay. So now, you have with just a handful of picks and a reef. Now, previously, we left a wire attached to the back of this bow, so I am just going to take that wire and then actually, this is such a bushy reef, it may not be long enough. So I am going to take a longer piece of wire, give yourself enough thickness and you can run it through the back loop of the bow. Now, if you can and get it through there and then just wire it around, try to get underneath the greens so you do not bend them up. Okay, shape your bow a little bit, that is how we make a reef and the next thing we are going to do is create luminaries.