Christmas Ornaments – Swirl Design

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Artist Mary Gallagher-Stout demonstrates how to make a swirl design on a hand painted Christmas ornament.

    Mary Gallagher-Stout: Hi, I am Mary Gallagher-Stout and today we are making beautiful hand crafted, hand painted glass ornaments. So let us get started. The first thing you are going to want to do is take your glass bulb and remove the lid. Then you are going to need to coat the inside with a medium and the medium that we are using is the Acrylic Flow Release from Golden which is a very concentrated solution so it needs to be diluted one to ten. So what you are going to do is you are just going to put a little bit of the medium inside the bulb and we are going to swirl it around to coat the inside of the bulb. It actually thins out the paint. So it looks like very translucent and thin, you will get a very thin film of paint on the inside of the bulb and what is very cool is you do not have to top coat them or anything because the paint is on the inside of the bulb.

    So once you have a good coating of the medium you are going to dump it out, you will have a little bit of medium still floating around, but that is okay because you are going to use that to help push the paint around the inside of the bulb. So we are going to just going to squirt just a little on the side here and then we are going to roll it around. I am going to work with three colors here, I am using red, green-gold, and titanium-white. You can see how the paint is moving and it is very thin and where I put it on, you see it is a lot thicker than it is where I have the medium. Now I am going to dump out the excess medium that is in there and I am going to add my green, little on this side and again, the same technique. I am just going to roll it around, but not too much. I do not want to shake this because it will turn into mud and wont be pretty.

    So we just want to move it around enough that you are getting some variation in the color, we are going to dump out some of this, we are going to add out third color and you are going to want to move it away from the two sides. There is -- you got red on this side and green on this side. So I am going to put it up top and on the bottom. So I am squirting it there and I am squirting it there and I am going to roll this around and it is starting to drip so that is when your paper towel are going to come into play and then we will wipe it off. And what is very cool is this paint will not stick to the glass. It will wipe right off and then you are just really going to be painting it and swirling the paint until you are happy with the colors and the designs that you are looking at and Voila! It is beautiful hand painted ornament and you are going to put it in your egg crate to let it dry and you are just going to keep an eye on it, because we put this medium in there and the medium thins out the paint, the coating.

    So it is going to be emptying, emptying and you are going to want to make sure that it is still to your liking, you want to make sure that you have the coverage that you want and you have the color intensity that you want if you want it to be opaque or transparent so you are just going to let it dry and do your next one. So when you are pleased with your design and you are looking at your ornament and you think, Oh my Gosh! That is so fabulous. You are going to put it in the egg crate to let it dry overnight, usually takes about overnight and then the next day when it is good and dry, you can turn it over and you can usually touch the inside and that will give you an indication of how dry it is on the inside of the bulb and then you are going to just tie a pretty ribbon around the top and it is ready for hanging and your Christmas tree will be filled with beautiful baubles hand painted by you. Coming up next, I am going to show you another technique, another method within the same technique of just having stripes on your beautiful bauble versus having multi colors.