Christmas Tree Safety Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master Gardener William Moss discusses the importance of Christmas tree safety and explains how to keep a tree healthy.

    William Moss: The Holidays are time of enjoy, but unfortunately also a time of accidents. Every Christmas season hundreds of home fires cause millions of dollars in damage, injuries, and even death. Let's talk about some tips to keep your holiday tree and your home safe.

    Remember one thing is to keep your tree well-watered. The needle should always feel soft and springy. It they start to feel dry, brittle, or fallen off then it's getting more flammable. Christmas trees can use one to two gallons of water a day, especially in a dry warm house. So make sure that you're checking daily down the pan and adding water to keep that level consistent. Of course, you want to check your smoke detector to make sure that it is in working order and has fully charged batteries, and that's even if you have an artificial tree. And keep candles away from your tree. When you leave the house or you go to sleep make sure they're not burning. With these few precautions you'll have a fun and safe Holiday season. Happy Holidays!