Christmas Tree Skirt – Cutting the Center Hole and Slit

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Beth Bates, an interior seamstress with SewTeacher, shows you how to cut the center hole and slit for your custom Christmas tree skirt.

    Beth Bates: Hi, I am Beth Bates and I am with the company SewTeacher. Today, I am showing you how to make a custom Christmas tree skirt. We have already finished sewing a lining to the face fabric and we are back at the table. We are going to go ahead, fold it first in to like a half moon and then fold it again. I have the folds towards to me, the four layers pointing out and we are going to cut the center circle right here. We are going to do it the same way as we did the outer edge.

    Now, I am going to take my flexible tape measure, I am going to pin it and of course, you could cut a string two inches and have someone hold it and do the same thing as I am doing and I suggest around two, two-and-a-half inches for your center hole. If you know you are going to have a really big Christmas tree and the trunk would be bigger, then of course, you can make it maybe three, three-and-a-half.

    Okay, so I am starting it to, again I am going to make little dashes, just as a side bar. If you have -- if you know you are going to need a really, really large Christmas tree skirt, you can always use table cloth and follow the same steps as I have shown in these different clips. In that way you can make a really large one. A rule of thumb is your Christmas tree skirt should be as wide as the bottom branches.

    Okay, so I have made the dashes or the dots, if you will and I will cut that out to form the center circle. Again, I am cutting through all four layers. So when I open it up, I should have the circle in the middle. Okay, now we have to cut the slit to the center circle. So you will be able to wrap it around your tree.

    Then smooth this out and see here where I have sort of fanned my trim that was sewn inside the seam out, I am going to take my scissors and I am going to cut it straight line right up to the center circle, like so. Okay, well, I am added, I think I am going to sew off this excess; I will be cut off this excess trim over here. Okay, pin up one side, placing the pins maybe three inches apart approximately, like so and we are going to go all the way up this side, around the inner circle and half way down the other side. It is important to leave an opening so you can turn it inside out.

    So, I am going to finish this, all the way around this inner circle, make sure, you are getting both layers, the lining and the face fabric. Okay, back down the side and about half way down this side. Okay, so we have pinned one side at the slit around the center circle and half way down the neck. Our next step is to take it to the machine and sew the two parts together.