Christmas Tree Skirt – Sewing the Face Fabric and Trim

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Beth Bates, an interior seamstress with SewTeacher, shows you how to sew the face fabric and trim for the custom Christmas tree skirt

    Beth Bates: Hi, I am Beth Bates and I am with the company SewTeacher. Today I am teaching you how to make a custom Christmas tree skirt. We have our lining pinned to our face fabric and now we are ready to begin sewing. Before we begin sewing mark where you needle is with a tape, measure out and home decorator sewing almost all inseams are sewn at a half an inch out.

    So using a sticky, you can mark and line it up, in that way all of your inseams be nice and straight in half an inch. Now, the trim I am using for this skirt is inside the seam. So I have sort of fanned it out, and I am just going to start lining it up. So it just touches and I will pull out the pins as I go along. Be sure to back track, and holding your fabric together, go slowly around, taking out the pins as you go along. Notice, how I am gently pulling on the fabric, all the time making sure the fabric touches the paper.

    Okay, I am going to continue to sew all the way around the skirt, I will back-tack which means revere it and go forward again when I get to the end and then we will take it to the table and begin cutting out the center circle. I have almost come out all the way around to the end. When I finish up, I am going to be sure to back-tack where I have ended.

    Okay, let us take it to the table and cut out the center circle.