Cider Production Secrets

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rick, a NY State apple grower, provides some insight on apple cider production.

    Rick: Hello, apple cider fans, New York apple grower Rick here. Today we're in a cider production facility in New York State showing you how healthy and delicious apple cider is made.

    Once apples are harvested they're sorted and wash. Cider apples off in rest a week or so to soften making them better for juice and cider. Apples are then placed in a hopper washed again and scattered into pomace. In other words chopping the apples and cold pressing the mash into juice using a semiautomatic continuous press method. The juice is kept at 34 degrees to maintain freshness and flavor.

    Next, is filtering followed by a quick 15 second flash pasteurization process to insure safety. The juice is heated to about 170 Degrees Fahrenheit to kill any bacteria, then quickly re-chilled to 34 degrees. Its bottled cold, quickly boxed and ship cold as well, all to maintain ultimate freshness and flavor.

    So when you get your apple cider, you know it's going to be healthy, safe, delicious and fresh.