Citrus, Honey and Herb Marinated Salmon Filets

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Amy Riolo for Harris Teeter shows you how to make Citrus, Honey and Herb Marinated Salmon Fillets.

    Amy Riolo: Hi, I'm Chef Amy Riolo for Harris Teeter and today we're going to be making Citrus, Honey and Herb Marinated Salmon Fillets. The ingredients that we're going to need to make our salmon are; one half cup orange juice, one quarter cup HT traders extra virgin olive oil, four cloves of minced garlic, 2 table spoon soy sauce, one tea spoon honey, one table spoon chopped fresh basal, four 3.

    5 ounce each wild Alaskan Salmon fillets, salt, freshly ground pepper, fresh jalapenos, two large red onions sliced into one quarter inch slices.

    So to begin making our salmon, the first thing that we need to do is make our marinade. The first thing that we're going to do is add our olive oil into our orange juice. Whenever you're making a vinaigrette or a marinade like this, that you have an acid and an oil component, you always want to start out with your acid and then whisk the oil into it.

    So we will start by whisking it together while it's alone and then we will just very slowly drizzle the oil in. This helps everything to thicken and to emulsify at the same time. If you do it the other way around, the orange juice will never get incorporated into the olive oil.

    So we are just whisking in our olive oil very simply this way and then we can add in our other ingredients. This is really fun, because you have a lot of great flavors in here. In addition to the orange juice in the olive oil; we also have our soy sauce. Which we're going to whisk right in, this gives us a nice depth of flavor, a little bit of saltiness and spice and also a nice rich color which enhances our salmon.

    Then I'm going to add in my honey and this is just a very little bit of honey, it's only a teaspoon. But it really gives us the right amount of sweetness that we need to enhance the flavor of this salmon. It's absolutely delicious. So keep stirring it in this way. And this you could do ahead of time if you want, you can make it in big batches, keep it in the refrigerator and then just shake it up in needed, whenever you need a marinade.

    So now I'm going to add in my garlic. Again this will just give us some great flavor and also a little bit of anti-oxidant power, which is really important when we're interested in eating healthy. And here we'll add about a table spoon of our freshly chopped basal, you can add more or less. If you don't have basal, you could add parsley, you could add mint, cilantro. Really whatever you like here.

    So now everything is mixed up and what I'm going to do in my bowl is just place my salmon fillets down and you the important thing in your salmon fillets as you want them to be about -- all equal size and equal thickness. That will though grill evenly. Now I'm going to pour my marinade over.

    So here we have our salmon covered in the marinade. This is exactly how we need it and I'm just going to on lid on the container and then what we'll do is we'll marinade this for 30 minutes. So now my grill is pre-heated to medium high. I'm going to just add my salmon fillets always with the always with the flesh side down.

    Notice here that I that I paid particular attention to the way I placed my salmon. This is important whether you're grilling indoors and outdoors. And then I'm going to ahead and add my jalapenos right into the grill pan without anything. This just gives them a nice smoky flavor and adds a little bit of heat into our salmon. And then I'm going to take my onion slices into the same.

    If you were using your outside grill, you want to preheat it the same exact way to about medium high. But you want to do thicker slices of onion, so the thing stand up to your grill. And this salmon will take about 4 minutes, you can flip it if you want to, but you don't have to.

    What I'm looking at right now is because my salmon on the bottom here is starting to turn color. I know that it has got a lot of heat on its surface level. So it's probably got some good grill marks already that are started. So what I can do now is just take my tongs and go ahead and turn these perpendicular in one straight quarter turn, so just like they were horizontal before, now I'm going to take the salmon and just pick it up from the center and turn it right around to be horizontal.

    This will give us a nice grill mark and you're working at about a medium high to high heat, depending upon your grill. Start at about medium high, add your ingredients like this and then if you find that it takes too long, low on your heat, put the lid on your grill and just let it cook through about 5 minutes.

    And to tell when these have cooked through if you are ever not sure because of the color or the texture, all you have to do is take a fork or a spoon and just put your knife right through like that and allow it to flake. And yes we have it, completely cooks through. So there you have it citrus, honey and herb marinated grilled Salmon fillets. Enjoy!