Classic Spanish Gazpacho

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gazpacho is the traditional soup of Andalucia, a region in Southern Spain known for its vibrant, sun-drenched cuisine. This soup is ideal for summer, because it requires no cooking. Try serving it as an appetizer at your next barbecue or picnic -soup in glasses is always fun.

    Amy Riolo: Hi I am Chef Amy Riolo with Harris Teeter and today we are making Classic Spanish Gazpacho.

    To begin, we will need diced tomatoes, Italian or French bread, cucumber, yellow onion, bell paper, garlic cloves, extra-virgin olive oil, vegetable or chicken stock, distilled white vinegar, black pepper.

    Let's begin making our Gazpacho by starting off with our tomatoes. And I am going to use about a can and a half or three cups of no salt added diced tomatoes. I am going to go ahead and add my cucumber. And you can play around with the quantities.

    Here's my bell pepper that I have I am also going to add in my onion, I only need about a quarter cup. Then I'm going to add my garlic and we'll come with our bread cubes. Then we'll add in our flavorings.

    Distilled white vinegar or Sherry vinegar gives a lot of flavor to a Gazpacho. So I am going to add about 2 tablespoons here and then we have two tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil. Here I've got my vegetable broth.

    I could have added about half of a cup of this in. Just a little bit of black pepper and then we'll go ahead and start blending our soup together.

    Then I start by pulsing on and off, and then we'll go to a steady mix. So you can see how easy it was to make this soup. That's really all that it took. The hardest part was chopping off the vegetables.

    Now we have got it all mixed together, you can see what it looks like. And all we to do now is put it into the refrigerator for eight hours or overnight. Then we are going to come back and taste it, adjust the seasonings and serve it chilled.

    So now our Gazpacho has finished chilling. All the flavors have really come together. We can go ahead and taste it, and then serve it. The reason I like to taste it is because you won't believe how much more strong the flavors are and more pronounced after they've been sitting in the refrigerator for overnight or eight hours.

    So you can taste it if you need a little bit of salt or if you need more pepper or any other flavoring, you can go ahead and add it at this point. I think it's great, it doesn't need anything. So we'll go ahead and serve it up. So here you have the Classic Spanish Gazpacho. Enjoy.