Cleaning Registers and Vents

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Heating and cooling expert Yancey Lowe demonstrates how to clean registers and vents.

    Yancey Lowe: Hi, I am Yancey Lowe, General Manager of Utility Service Express. I am here today to talk to you about few things you can do to improve your heating and cooling needs.

    Today, we're going to talk about registers and return grilles. What a register is, this guy right here. Register is for the air coming up from your furnish or off your AC is coming into the house.

    As you can see on this register, it pulls right up out of the floor. Some registers you will find will have screws in. Screws usually locate right here and right here, pretty easy, just take it out of the screw driver. But, what I wanted to talk to you about on the register is the dirt that builds up on the inside out.

    For you to have the regular filters or the electronic air cleaners that kind of defused the point for the fact that your air has been filtered, it's been cleaned, it's been pushed to the ductwork, but it's blowing this dirt right back into the air.

    So what we're going to do is I am going to show you just a easy way to clean these. First step you would want to do is, pull it out of the floor and just take a simple paper towel and wipe it off. You want to just take it and wipe this dirt off. This register is not really in horrible shape, and if it was, if it was to pull your register that has not been cleaned in quite a while, you can take these to the sink and wash them off, dry them off, that it is not harder thing. But you just want to wipe them off, get the dirt off of them, open them up, clean the blades on them and if you had the screws, you want to put it back in or if it's in this case, you just want to drop it back in and it's that easy. If you had the screw in top, you will put your screws back in and you're ready to go. If you go around your house and find your registers and repeat what I've just showed you, this will pretty greatly increase the air quality in your house.

    Now that we're here, it's return grille which happens to be in ceiling. I want talk to you about what it does. The return grille is putting the air in your house, goes back down to the ductwork and back down to be heated or cooled. And as you can see, I have got it in ceiling because generally in the air conditioning season, heat will go up. So it will take the warmer air, take it back down, filter it and send it back up to the registers which we cleaned earlier and as you can see and you can zoom in here, this guy is pretty dirty.

    There's a couple of ways we can clean this. One is you can take a damp rag and you can go up and just wipe it down. As you can see, you get a little bit dirt that falls out and just kind of go with it, washing this dirt off and just kind of sweep it off. You can see some of the dirt will fall out of that but that's good, it's getting out of the grill.

    And another way you can do it, if say the register is out of reach or too hard to get to would be to use a vacuum cleaner. So now that we've got the return grille clean, I wanted to show you or tell you the main reason why we want this to happen. The air is going to go back in here down the ductwork and is going to go back to be filtered, cleaned, heated or cooled and come back out to the register. But, when this guy is dirty, it send the dirty air down and it's harder for your filter as that's much more dirt for it to catch, clean and send out which shortens your filter life. So not only is having a cleaner is good for your equipment, but it's actually going to help improve the life of your filter and if you'll follow me now, I am going to head it to the attic. I want to show you a few ways to cut your energy bills in any season.