Cleaning Services – Quality Considerations

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Christine Maroulis with Merry Maids discusses how to select a cleaning service. In this video we will focus on some quality considerations to keep in mind when making your decision.

    Christine: Hi! I am Christine with Merry Maids and we're discussing how to select the cleaning service. Let's discuss some quality considerations to keep in mind when making your decision. First, does the company provide its own product and equipments? Perhaps, this isn't so important, in which case, you'd just want to ask what it is that you're expected to provide for the employee as they come to your home.

    Next, ask how the employees are trained. Are they trained inside homes, inside an office and for how long? Make sure that you are comfortable with the answers provided. You'd want to be sure to ask if the company stands behind its work. And who will be your point of contact if something is not done to your satisfaction.

    Can you request another employee come to the home and how quickly do you need to contact to the office if you feel that something has not been done right and to your standard. These are all questions you will want to ask and make sure; again, you're comfortable with the answers.

    Here are a few additional questions you may want to ask. Is the work guaranteed? If so, how does the company guarantee its work? How long do you have to contact to the company to voice your dissatisfaction? What does the company do to follow up on service quality? How often will your home receive inspections by a supervisor? Can you request an inspection if you were concerned about the quality? These are just some examples of questions to ask of perspective cleaning services.

    And next, we'll discuss some other considerations to keep in mind when making your decisions.