Cleanliness while Camping

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Camping expert Tim MacWelch of Earth Connection provides hygiene tips to keep yourself and your clothes clean on a camping trip.

    Tim MacWelch: Hi, I am Tim MacWelch of Earth Connection School of Wilderness Survival and Ancient Skills. In this video series we are going show you how to go camping. In this clip we are going talk about cleanliness, we've just showed you how to go to the bathroom in the outdoors, now we're going to talk about how to keep clean. Hand washing is one of the most important things that an out doors person can do. This a little bottle of hand sanitizer with a clip on holder, you can clip it on to your backpack and take it with you and washing your hands is one of the most important things you can do, out in the great outdoors, to prevent illness, either foodborne illness or any other types of illnesses while you are out camping.

    Now we don't want to forget about other elements of hygiene while we are out here, enjoying nature. Little toothbrush goes a long a way, we don't have to have tooth paste for brushing our teeth out here, it's nice, but you don't have to have it. We've got a little bar soap, just a used bar soap, it's smaller and lighter than the big chunky original bar soap. We can use this to wash our face, our hands, our body our hair, you can wash your dishes with it, just about anything, including washing your clothes with a simple little bar of plain soap. You can keep this with your toothbrush, if you don't mind, little bit soap on your toothbrush. You can even brush your teeth with it, just make sure you rinse your mouth well and spit well .

    You're obviously going to want to have clean drinkable water We have shown you how to get that out of the creek with a water pump and also with purification tablets.

    If we are washing our clothes or any of our gear that does not process food, we can use regular stream water or creek water or river water and we just want to sanitize our hands before we eat or handle any food items or brush our teeth or anything else like that. So let's say our clothes got dirty, we've been out here a while, we've washed them in a creek, how we are going to hang them up to dry? I am going to show you a quick and easy little cloth line, which requires no cloth pins, whatsoever, just a link of rope.

    Now we are going to make a quick simple cloth line to hang our clothes, it requires no cloth pins, whatsoever, just a little trick of folding a rope in half and tying it off on one secure point, then twisting it. The tighter the spiral, the better this little trick works. Now we pull it tight and tie it to another fixed point, like this little tree right here, always keeping an extra rope. Now we have two cloth lines, spiraling and twisting around each other, all we have to do is spread them open, insert part of garment, let them snapshot, come down, insert another part of the garment, let them snapshot and it will hold our clothes for us and the wind won't blow them away. Next we are going to make a campfire k_dcampbell_tmcwelch_camping_