Cleveland Park Offers Unique Features

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cleveland’s beloved Hinckley Reservation lets residents enjoy the local green space and special outdoor activities.

    Scott Smith: Cleveland has tons to offer in its Metro center. So it's easy to forget what an amazing city Cleveland is outside the concrete. Hinckley Reservation part of the Cleveland Metroparks offer some unique opportunities to get outside and enjoy the natural beauty of the city.

    Debra Shankland: Hinckley Reservation is often described as the pendant in the diamond necklace that is Cleveland Metroparks. And it really is at exciting gem. Some of the attractions in Hinckley Reservation are the 88 acre lake that's there. It's the largest inland lake within Cleveland Metroparks. The lake is really a prime area for recreation. You can also swim in the lake. There's panel-sports at the lake, you can rent canoes, kayaks there. And there's fishing at a lake. So there's a beautiful all purpose trail that surrounds Hinckley Lake, and it's an asphalt surface that suitable for strollers and wheelchairs, and all modes of transportation except for motorized.

    Scott Smith: Why go to the zoo, when you can see some native Cleveland species in the wild.

    Debra Shankland: Every spring the annual return of the buzzards occurs. They come every march and we hold a festival to celebrate that fact as well. But in Hinckley Reservation we have a number of these very high quality headwater streams were the beginnings of major rivers that ultimately become part of the Rocky River Watershed. Alright, so perfect habitat for Ohio's native species of Brook Trail which is threatened in the state, but we've managed a very successful reintroduction of brook trout.

    Scott Smith: This hidden gem of the Metroparks holds something for everyone. I'm Scott Smith, reporting from Cleveland.