Cleveland’s Old Stone Church Ages Well

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    The almost 200-year-old structure is host to priceless stained-glass windows and timeless stone architecture.

    Noelle Bye: Public Square, the Central Plaza in Downtown Cleveland is known for the city's tallest buildings. But what most residents don't know is that it's also home to the oldest building.

    Male Speaker: I think the oldest building in Public Square would probably have to be the Courthouse.

    Male Speaker: I would have to say the May Company building.

    Female Speaker: I don't know; it's Tower City.

    Mark Giuliano: We've been here for 190 plus years and it's still the oldest building on Public Square.

    Noelle Bye: Being one of the first stone buildings constructed back in 1855, the first Presbyterian Church of Cleveland is often referred to as the Old Stone Church, because of its building materials. It's also the last remaining church designed by the Heard and Porter architectural firm.

    Mark Giuliano: Probably one of the most interesting aspects of the Old Stone Church is not only the architecture of the church and its history, but the stained glass. We have Lamb windows, La Farge windows and of course, everybody wants to know about the Tiffany windows.

    Noelle Bye: After two separate fires destroyed the church's interior, the building was gutted; window renovations have allowed the stained glass to be restored to their original brilliance.

    Mark Giuliano: There are four Tiffany windows here and two are actually hand signed. You can see Louis C. Tiffany, Louis Comfort Tiffany personally designed, made and signed those two and then of course, Louis Comfort Tiffany company and he under his guidance made the other two as well. It's spectacular, of course, when the morning sun shines through it.

    Male Speaker: I have to say I like pretty much all of them, especially the ones in the front, they are real pretty, vibrant.

    Noelle Bye: Whether you are coming for service or merely just to check out the church's architecture and stained glass, be sure not to miss Public Square's oldest building. In Cleveland, Noelle Bye reporting.