Cleveland’s Sandstone Ledges Entice Local Rock Climbers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Local Cleveland rock climbers rave about Hinckley Reservations unique sandstone rock formations found only in Northern Ohio. Anyone can enjoy the climb by obtaining a simple permit.

    Scott Smith: Hidden in the woods behind 859 Ledge Road the Hinckley Reservation is home to several stunning sandstone rock formations, known as ledges. Along with beautiful vistas these ledges provide a perfect escape from the city.

    Debra Shankland: There's also the 350 foot sharing sandstone conglomerate ledges, and those are relatively unique in North East Ohio. It's one of the only three places where you could see all the crops, that particular rock. Scott Smith: The ledges were gradually carved out by quick flowing bodies of water that emptied into inland sea that covered Ohio over 300 million years ago. And while all of Cleveland's Metroparks provide lots of recreational activities the climbing at the Hinckley Reservation is by far the most popular.

    William Rivera: I'd like this area its close someone who wants to climb, something do to get you out of the city at the same time not too far away. Hinckley Reservation is by far is the best time in North East Ohio.

    Scott Smith: Before you go make sure you pick up a permit to obtain a climbing permit from Cleveland Metroparks, just call their offices Monday through Friday at 216-365-6200. Reporting from Cleveland, this is Scott Smith.