Cleveland’s Soldier & Sailor Monument

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This memorial honors soldiers of all military branches lost in the Civil War. Iconic bronze statues and an informational interior section available by tour make the monument is a Cleveland favorite.

    Craig Dirienzo: There is a monument in Downtown Cleveland that residents pass everyday, but what do locals really know about it? Female Speaker: It's a soldier monument that's about all I know. Male Speaker: It has something to do with the war.

    Male Speaker: I would say it is one of those monuments that's here that not a lot of people know anything about it. Craig Dirienzo: Not only do people not realize what the monument stands for but they are also unaware that there is an interior where tour is available to educate visitors on the history and purpose of the monument. Inside the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, the walls are covered with over 9,000 names of the people who served in the Civil War from the Cuyahoga County alone. Also, there are several statues on display. Tim Lesnie: All of our reliefs in the monument are bronze, life size the scale, and when looking to the bottom, you'll find the names engraved. In 1894, July 4, the monument was first erected and dedicated. Levi Scofield was the architect of the sculpture who designed the monument. Craig Dirienzo: Levi also sculpted the four statues outside the monument depicting the four branches of military during the Civil War; the Navy, the Cavalry, the Infantry, and the Artillery. But who sits on top of the monument? Tim Lesnie: On top of this monument, you will find a Goddess of Freedom. She holds in her left hand the shield of liberty who protects the freedoms that we have today. Mr. Levi Scofield is probably one of the smartest men here in Cleveland; he used his wife to model for this statue. Male Speaker: It is a great memorial to the fallen soldiers. Craig Dirienzo: The Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument is a true jewel of American history for Cleveland and Cuyahoga County and with this recent two million-dollar renovation, it continuous to draw more and more curious visitors today. You never know what you will find when you visit. From Cleveland, I am Craig Dirienzo.