Clog – How to do the Shave and a Haircut and the Hippity Hop

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Clogging instructor Martha Hemingway demonstrates how to do the shave, a Haircut, and the Hippity Hop.

    Martha Hemingway

    Martha Hemingway is the director, choreographer, and instructor for the Happy Feet Cloggers, an adult clogging group from Fairfax, Virginia. She teaches beginner, intermediate, and performer clogging classes on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings for the City of Fairfax Parks and Rec Dept., Green Acres Center, 4401 Sideburn Road, Fairfax, Virginia. Martha first learned to clog when she joined a Northern Virginia group called the Sugarfoot Cloggers in 1987. In September 2000 she founded the Happy Feet Cloggers. She was an instructor at the Potomac Double Down clogging workshop in Haymarket, Virginia, in 2006 and 2007 and an instructor at the Washington Area Square Dancers Cooperative Association’s (WASCA) clogging workshop in 2005 and 2006. Her first experience as a dance instructor was teaching tap and jazz classes for the Fairfax County Rec Dept. She also taught tap at The Dance Company, a private dance studio, and for the Fairfax County Park Authority. Martha’s “Happy Feeters” competed in the 2001 Mid-Atlantic Clogging Championship, held in Maryland each year. Her team brought home three 1st-place trophies, one 2nd-place trophy, and two 3rd-place trophies. Happy Feet is funded in part by the City of Fairfax Commission on the Arts.

    Hello! My name is Martha Hemmingway and I am teaching you some clogging steps. This time we are going to learn two of my favorites; one is called the hippity hop and one is called shave and a haircut.

    Lets see what the hippity hop looks like is. This one is little bit more challenging. It does involve some hopping in it. You are going to double step on your left foot, bring your right knee up as you hop, rock step, and hop again. Lets try that again, double step, hop, rock step, and hop. Now, that was not the right rhythm, but it was the right step, so lets works on the rhythm of the hippity hop. The counts are and a one, two and three, four and at this point lets just add a triple, coming down on our right foot to do a triple and as you remember from an earlier segment a triple is a double step, double step, double step, rock step. So, lets add that. Starting with the hippity hop, double step, hop, rock step, hop, now, do a triple on the right, double step, double step, double step, and rock step. Five, six, hippity hop, triple double step, hop, rock step, hop, double step, double step, double step, rock step. Again, one more time and one, two, and three, four, five, and, a six, and a seven, and eight and a lot of times when I choreograph a hippity hop in a routine sometimes Ill have them clap here on the hop or sometimes Ill have them clap over their heads. So, you can just jazz it up a little bit.

    Next is probably my all time favorite of anything, its called shave and a haircut and I am sure you have heard the old saying, shave and a haircut, two bits. Well, luckily I am not a singer I am dancer, but I thought you might get the idea of what I am about. There is an actual clogging combination that mimics that sound, that rhythm of shave and a haircut. So, lets learn shave and a haircut. You are going to start with a stomp on the left, hit that forcefully, double step crossing in front, step back. Now, lets just talk about that for a second. That is youre shave and a haircut, so thats half way there, you are gong to pause for just a split second and then you are going go jump, jump and thats your two bits. So, lets put that all together, we have stomp, double cross step, and step back, pause, jump, and jump, five, six, seven, eight, and shave and a haircut, two bits. Five, six, seven, go. One more time five, six, seven, and eight.

    So, those are my two favorite steps, the hippity hop and the shave and haircut. In our segment, which is our last segment I am going to put together many of the combinations that you have learned and put it in little mini routine. So, hopefully you will join me for the little mini routine. Happy clogging!