Closet Organization – Beginning Installation of Elfa Closet System

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home Maintenance Expert Scott Roewer discusses beginning installation of elfa closet system.

    Scott Roewer: Hi! I am Scott Roewer of solutionsbyscott.

    com and today in this segment of Organize Your Closet Like a Pro, I am going to show you how to install an Elfa closet system in your home. This is all the parts and hardware you need to install your closet. I am going to tell you what each one is and go over a few safety things. Let's start from the top-down, shall we?

    This is the top track of an Elfa closet. There is one hole about every 8 inches and this is the only drilling or screwing that you need to do; everything hangs off this track, it's safe and it's very, very secure and strong. These are the standards that hold and hang off this track. What goes in the standards are the brackets. Here is an example of a bracket. This shelf, the wire ventilated shelf that we have chosen for this closet hangs on this bracket. We are going to jazz it up and decorate it some with this fascia, it's a lovely, lovely wood color here that we are going to add to it. We have some brackets to cover the ends. These hold the pole just like so and this is what we are going to hang all of our clothes on. I have two poles because we have changed from a single shelf and a single pole into double-hanging in his closet. Now, I am going to show you the tools you need, it's very, very basic. You need a drill, with the appropriate size drill bits and a phillips-head, so you can drill in the screws. I like to have a pair of needle, no pliers nearby; not always necessary, but they are helpful. We will use a pair of scissors to cover the top track. If you are installing drywall over wood, you could use a stud finder or you could tap on the wall. Today, we are drilling into concrete, so we are not going to be needing this. A hammer is handy. Of course, don't forget your safety goggles; this will keep any of the drywall dust out of your eyes. And finally, a level. This level is great because it's magnetized and it stays right inside the track. So it makes hanging our Elfa very simple. Oh! One more thing I forgot, back to my handy-dandy tape measure and I am going to use a Sharpie, so I can mark the holes on the walls taking the top track. So, this is everything you need for your closet. By the time I am finished and it won't take long, we are going to have a double-hanging closet system and a set shelves on the side for anything else that needs to go in there, besides hanging clothes. We are even going to have a spot for his ironing board, which you saw fell out in the very first segment. So let's get started on installing our Elfa closet.