Clothes to Wear for Traveling

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will discuss the clothes to wear for traveling.

    Rhonda Baron: Hi! I am Rhonda Baron with Baron International LLC and today we are going to be telling you about packing for travel. This segment in particular is about attire, what you should wear upon boarding the plane or debarking on your cruise. So, I have chosen the types of materials that are wrinkle free, polyester type of top, very airy and very comfortable for me, lets the breeze through. By the way I am going to sunny destination, so that is the why I am dressed because I know it will be warm when I get there.

    Now, I have picked wrinkle free shorts with comfortable pockets in them and this goes for men too, you want to pick something that has pockets. So that you can put things in there like gum and mints etcetera, things that you will need along the trip. You will want to select shoes that are very comfortable, the type of shoes that I could walk for miles and not have a problem. Yes it does get cold on board the airplane and they do run out of blanket sometimes. So you will want to keep along that is in mind bringing along a jacket of sorts light weight, something like this that isnt really lined with something heavy.

    And this is just like a protective coding for yourself, so that when you do go the airport or you are in the airplane, you will be comfortable and safe. Also this is good to have, if you pick one that is water proof or water repellent, it is great when you get your destination and yes it does rain on vacations sometimes too. So, the other thing is you want to bring along a hat, unless you are planning to buy one there, but I like this hat in particular because it can be mushed and basically you could do anything with this hat and nothing ever happens to it.

    So, it comes out anyway you like any shape or form and wear your hat on board the airplane, you can put it in the overhead as you can store your jacket as well. Now, the other thing I want to go over is body pack, this in particular, they have all kinds, they have money belts, body packs. Money belt gets to be very uncomfortable, if you have a little bit more poundage on you. So I would suggest something like this, this you could fit underneath your clothing, it would basically go under this shirt and be under my arm over here and in this is where I can keep my basic credit cards and credentials.

    So that, if I didnt feel comfortable leaving them in my purse once I get to my destination, I can put them in here and it is well hidden under my garments, you can put them up under your arm like as such like this or you can wear them down into your pants as well. So it is lot more comfortable than wearing a money belt that gets really bulky. Make sure that you make the best of using your money and buy something like this. It is a bag that you know you are going to end up shopping or dragging something with you to the beach or the pool. This bag in particular, you can buy these at any of the small drug store.

    And it is a small bag, so let's say you went shopping at the local market and you bought some tomatoes, this is easy to pack, it is easily washable because it is nylon and again you can pack it back up just the way it was and bring it back home with you when you get back to United States. So that is the one thing to keep in mind, carry with you some of these types of clean cloths, you either can get the ones for your hands and you can use them for your face as well. They make quick freshening up items for to be used on the plane or domestically in travel.

    The other item is medication, if you get heartburn and have a problem with that in particular, make sure you take some of the heartburn medicines that are out there with you right there in your personal bag, because the flight attendant will not give you anything as such. They are not allowed to give Asprin and so, make sure you bring along whatever it is that you need, play safe and play by the rules. Dont pack anything that is not in accordance with the US customs, pack your bags and get going and Bon Voyage.