Coffee’s Health Benefits and Concerns

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Russell Greenfield discusses reasons coffee can be beneficial to your health, but also cautions drinking too much of the energizing beverage.

    Dr. Russell Greenfield: Recent data suggests that drinking coffee offers some unique health benefits. Let's start with the obvious.

    Many people like the taste and smell of coffee and it's a good pick-me-up if not used too late in the day when like any caffeinated beverage it can wreak havoc with nighttime sleep.

    Coffee is also a good source of antioxidants and research suggests that coffee may enhance performance of daily activities, help prevent certain forms of cancer, and maybe even protect us against the development of Type-2 diabetes if ingested in large amounts.

    But large amounts of coffee have their downside too. Lots of caffeine can translate into the jitters, even anxiety. It can keep us awake at night if ingested within six hours of bed time. Plus unfiltered and decaffeinated forms may increase cholesterol levels.

    If you like coffee it's okay, maybe even good to enjoy a cup or two each day, but if you are not a coffee lover consider my preference, green tea where the health benefits are more clearly defined.

    I am Dr. Russ. Be well!