College Transition – Emotional Ups and Downs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wendie Lubic, parent educator and coach from the Parent Encouragement Program, talks about the emotional ups and downs of preparing for college.

    Wendie Lubic: Hi! I am Wendie Lubic from the Parent Encouragement Program. I am talking to you today about how to smooth the transition between high school and college for you and your teenager. Now I am going to discuss the emotional ups and downs that are associated with assisting your teen to make this transition.

    Don't wait until senior year to start your planning for college. There are tests to take, community service to do, classes to plan for and there is nothing so stressful as to try to complete all of your community hours in just two weeks. Or to have to take summer school because you have forgotten to take an extra math class.

    Be aware also of the stress peaks and valleys throughout the year. One way to avoid some stress is to plan on doing the college essay the summer before senior year. A lot of teens don't want to do it but it can be really helpful because then it can be edited by teachers at school once the school year starts before they start worrying about mid-terms, etc. Also hand those teachers that you know you are going to ask for recommendations those forms at the end of junior year id possible. Because it helps them plan what they are going to say so that they are not doing it at the last minute.

    Finally don't bug your teen. Try to spend time communicating with them about college in preset blocks, maybe an hour every Monday night. And then spend the rest of your time enjoying and having fun time together as a family. That way they are going to feel like they can come to you if they have a concern or bring it up during your prescheduled meeting. I hope this information will help you and your teen make a successful transition from high school to college. And thanks for watching!