College Transition – Examining Your Expectations

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wendie Lubic, parent educator and coach from the Parent Encouragement Program, talks about examining your expectations for college.

    Wendie Lubic: Hi! I am Wendie Lubic from the Parent Encouragement Program. I am talking to you today about how to smooth the transition between high school and college for you and your teenager. Now I am going to discuss how our expectations and actions can influence the process of transitioning from high school to college. This is about the teen, not about the parent, but it is influenced by our expectations. Did you go to college? Do you expect your child to go to college? What kind of college did you go to? Was it two year, four year, private institution or State school? What were the considerations your parents gave you? Were there geographic constrains? How about financial constrains? All of these things come into play when we discuss college with our children. Sometimes, we want them to stay within a certain geographic boundary, sometimes we them to shoot for the stars and go to the best school that they can get into. Do you have dreams that your child may attend an IVY League School? If you want to an IVY League School you may think that your child should go to an IVY League School? This may not be the best thing for your child. Think about all of these considerations when you discuss with your child what it is that you are thinking about when it comes to college so that you can be open to listening to what they have to say, about what they are looking for in a college. But make sure that you are very clear with them about what those geographic and financial constrains are because you certainly don't want your teen to come to you and say, wow I got into this fabulous school and it is going to cost $50000 a year and your budget can afford it.

    Next, I am going to discuss how you can educate yourself to help your teen to make the transition and learn more about the college application process.