Coloring Ethnic Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Hair stylist Anissa King demonstrates how to color ethnic hair.

    Benisa King: Hi this is Benisa King and welcome to coloring, highlighting, conditioning of ethnic hair. We get started with your sectioning, you want to section the head in four sections, even sections and you want to start applying or you could clip off your sections if you need to, if the hair's longer and will fall onto your way, then clip off the sections and you want to start right at the root. Here, let me turn her around so you guys can see, right at the root, but not on the scalp. And then you do your sub-sectioning which means going into the larger section that you have done, making smaller sections about one quarter of an inch from away from the scalp. Moving further, we go down as you can see her hair's a little shorter, so you don't have to worry about your sectioning, but you still want to keep it off the scalp as much as possible. You can do your sections in any order that you are comfortable with, I just choose to do left or right. We will come back and do the shorter part at the end. It doesn't take quite as long the process being that it's shorter pieces of hair, and you know, when coloring hair, it is your processing time as you are going along, you want to go along at a speed that won t hurt in the end, like your front will be processed and your back is not ready yet. You really go through the entire subsection. So, you won t have any spots that you have missed, they are darker or lighter, 3:09 begin with, around the front of the face, around the edges, you want to make sure you get them, so they process along with this section. Altogether it should take you about five minutes application time on your color root touch up. The more you do it the faster your time will be. Well, in the beginning, just take your time and make sure that you have each section done, evenly throughout the entire head. And that's going to come up way before the rest of it because it will link them. After your color is applied you want to mix your lighter.