Combating Cold and Flu Symptoms by Drinking Tea

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Charlie Baden, Celestial Seasonings Senior Blendmaster, explains how certain herbs can help you ease the discomforts of the common cold and flu.

    Charlie Baden: Hello! I am Charlie Baden, Senior Blend Master for Celestial Seasonings. We've been talking about tea as a healthy beverage. And now let's look at tea and how it helps alleviate symptoms of cold and flu. Certain herbs can help you ease the discomforts of the common cold and flu. Vitamin C for example, a powerful antioxidant for the body and is titled as a remedy for the common cold.

    Zinc is a necessary element maintaining the healthy immune system its also good for sore throats. Echinacea supports the immune system and it may support the body's ability to defend against common aliments. Cooling eucalyptus most commonly used as an external treatment for colds, sore throats, chest congestion and bronchitis. Drinking a tea with these herbs may support your immune system and make the symptoms easier to bear. Sore throats are also common in cold and flu season licorice root helps soothe the throat and is a good aid for digestion to help you sleep try chamomile to calm you and Tilia flowers which are known as natural sleep aid. Valerian is effectively safe as a mild sleep aid. You should look for a combination of these soothing herbs to ease the discomfort of sore throat for right relief it can also help you fall asleep so your body can get quality shut eye and fight off the illness. Now that we have learned how herbs could alleviate cold and flu symptoms, let's look how herbs can help alleviate other illnesses.