Combining Core Kickboxing Moves

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Trainer Kaesha Matthews demonstrates how to combine core kickboxing moves.

    Kaesha Matthews: Hi, my name is Kaesha Matthews, owner of X Factor and I am here to show you some Core Kickboxing moves. Now with this segment what we are going to do is bring all of the moves that we have learnt and put them all together. We will show you basic combination that we can use in any or you can use in any cardio kickboxing class. We are going to start off with some punches, then we are going to add in some of the capoeira steps that we learned and then bring in some kicks. Ready stance, stand on guard, do some upper cut crosses. Here we go. Upper cut-cross, uppercut-cross, make sure you follow through, follow through all the way, make sure your hips are engaged and you are using all of your power. Twist, here we go. We are bringing it forward with a twist. Remember, we are using the core, bring the knee all the way up. Work those abs. Think about it, every time you bring that leg up, abs, think eight-pack, eight-pack. Alright, let's do some hooks. Hooks, twisting the balls of your feet, engaging with all of your movements and following through. Upper cuts, all the way out and away from your body. Squeeze those glutes, put the hips forward and bring your arm all the way through, there you go. Alright, let's jump it out, let's go ahead and do some kicks. Alright, let's work out some roundhouse kicks, let's get in the stance, here we go, out to the side, get the movement going and roundhouse. Remember, we are kicking with the shoelaces, all the way out. Let's jack it out, alright, other side. My left side is always my dyslexic side so bear with me on this one. Now here we go, it also takes time to go and work out on both sides of your body. Let's get engaged in the motion, let's do some roundhouse kicks. Alright, out to the side, out to the side. Follow through with your arms and legs. Let's jack it out. Alright, let's get some capoeira steps in there. Alright, let's jangle. Here we go, side to side, side to side, there you go, twist those abs, make sure your core is tight and you are blocking your face with arms. Capoeira step, here we go. Grabbing, grabbing, grabbing and throwing that person down. Opposite side, here we go. Bringing them down. Grabbing and bringing them down. Alright, change the steps, alright and jack it out. So we did that just showing you all the moves that we have learnt throughout these segments and bringing them all up together in a combination. Thanks again and you can review the segments as many times as you need, to learn the kickboxing steps and use them in your cardio kick class.