Comet ISON Lives!

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In a Red Orbit exclusive interview, Astrophysicist Bruce Gary says that Comet ISON is right on track.

    Red Orbit’s got an exclusive scoop on the current state of Comet ISON.  Astrophysicist Bruce Gary of the US Naval Research Laboratory says that reports that the comet is fizzling out are “nonsense” and media hype.  According to Gary, ISON is right on track—gradually brightening and beginning to show an extended coma.  But as we all know, comets are fickle things, sometimes leaving us looking at the night sky with no spectacle.  ISON has yet to reach perihelion where it will come closest to the sun, which could be its demise.  Gary says its survival chances are 50/50 but that he and others are leaning toward the scenario where ISON survives and gives us a show this December.