Coming Home from Camp

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Summer Camp Expert Nancy Diamond discusses coming home from camp.

    Nancy Diamond: I'm Nancy Diamond of KidsCamps.

    com, and we're speaking about how to select a summer camp for your children. Now, we'll talk about how to make the transition with your child from summer camp back to home. Often, we're real excited to send our children to summer camp, and we prepare them months ahead for the transition to summer camp. When the camp day is over, we pick them up at the bus stop and we realize, we've never prepared them for the transition from camp back to home, back to our rules, our regulations, our schedule. So, it's very important, that when the child comes to home from camp, you understand that they have been away for however long you've sent them, that there is adjustments to be made. The child might be very unhappy to be home. Don't take it personally. They've had such a great time at camp. You'll want to give them a little space, and while they might have learned certain rules, like whispering, or making their bed, they may also have learned to speak very loudly during meals. So you know, you want to give them time to adjust, and don't come down too hard on them for that. There is no experience that can compare to the joys of summer camp. Every child deserves a summer camp.