Common Homework Problem Profiles

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Education Expert Ann Dolin discusses how to help your child with common homework problems.

    Ann Dolin: Hi! I am Ann Dolin. Today we are talking about how to make homework simpler for your child. We are going to now discuss some of the six most common pitfalls you may experience with your child during homework time. Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of students and through my time with them, I have identified six of the most common homework profiles that impede academic success. They are disorganization. Student who is chronically disorganized has a hard time keeping his binders, backpack and even his room neat. The student who rushes through homework, the child who doesn't pay much attention to detail, works quickly often sacrificing quality in his work.

    The Avoider, the child that will avoid homework at all costs often combine-up with many different excuses as to why he or she has no homework that evening. The Procrastinator, the student who perpetually puts off what could be done today. The student has quite a bit of difficulty with long term assignments and often waits until the nights before to get their work done. The Fidgetor, the child who is often off-task during homework, tapping pencils, getting up to go to the bathroom, looking around the house for materials and has a hard time sustaining focus and getting his work done. Then finally, there is a Struggler and the struggler is a child who has difficulty for many reasons. That often their emotions impact them during the homework process and battles ensue and tears flow when things get too difficult. Those are the six most common homework profiles. We will address specific solutions for each one of them later in the video, but now let's talk about how to get started with homework after your child returns from school.