Common Questions About Interview Etiquette

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    President and CEO of Brian Alden discusses how to avoid the most common etiquette errors

    Brian Alden: Even if you are an experienced interviewee, you still might have some basic questions about proper interview etiquette. Here are some common questions answered. First how do I address the interviewer? When you are waiting to be called into the interview room, ask who will be conducting the interview. It's much better to say, nice to meet you Mr. Johnson, instead of what's your name again? If you have trouble with names just clearly write the name down to beginning of the interview so you can sure you have it right.

    Second you may wonder what you should bring to the interview. Always bring multiple copies of your resume with you, you can even directly hand one to your interviewer as soon as you sit down, so they don't have to search for your resume. Remember to bring a pen and a paper to take notes. If you need to bring a portfolio updated with the most relevant pieces for the job you are interviewing for and make sure it's in a neat and presentable enclosure. Many job seekers struggle with the question of what should I wear. Appropriate attire will vary depending on the type of job you are seeking. Do little research and dress slightly better than the company's dress code. If you are unsure of the levels, you can go wrong airing on the side of caution and wearing formal business attire. Finally, you may be curious about what you should do after the interview. Follow up is so important as long as you don't become a nuisance. Always send the interviewer a thank you note, either handwritten or an e-mail. However, some interview experts argue that a personalized handwritten letter is best for a lasting impression. It's fine to check back with the company about once a week until a decision has been made but ultimately you will just have to wait and see. Follow this simple interview etiquette and you will be well on your way to making your best first impression.