Communicating With Your Child’s Health Care Providers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Robin Vick, Assistant Director of Nursing at the Continuum Pediatric Nursing Services, discusses how to communicate with your healthcare team.

    Robin Vick: Hi, my name is Robin Vick and I am Assistant Director of Nursing at the Continuum Pediatric Nursing Services. Right now I am going to be talking to you about communicating with your healthcare team. Host: What should a family expect to be addressed in a child's health care plan?

    Robin Vick: I would like to think of plan of care as a continually evolving, mutually determined type of communication that goes over the child's evolving life. What I would like to see happen and the best way to promote a real robust plan of care is for the family to have a long-term relationship with an individual healthcare team made up of people who will see the family in different settings, get to know the child in different stages of life and therefore be able to develop a plan for addressing wealth situations, behavioral situations, ongoing developmental care as well as medical and illness related information. I want to also emphasize that this plan of care will be most helpful to families in times where they are just going to want to be talking to doctors in an urgency. The plan health care is also developed to provide guidelines for how a family should respond in the case of an unexpected illness or an injury or any unexpected circumstance that they feel they are going to want to have some communication with the doctor and the doctor's office.