Conserving Water On Gardens And Lawns

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Landscape Horticulturist Paul Simon provides some simple ways to conserve water while keeping lawns and gardens looking great this summer.

    Paul Simon: Did you know that there is just as much water in the world today as there was millions of years ago? Actually it's the same water. It's just been recycled through the hydrologic cycle, and we're re-using it again today. So what's the big deal about saving water?

    Well, good clean water is a very precious commodity. So conserving water is very important. First, don't over-water your lawn, water only when your lawn needs it. In general, lawns only need about one inch of water per week. You can easily check to see if your lawn needs water by stepping on it. If the grass blades quickly spring back, then you don't need the water. If they remain flat, then it is time to water your lawn.

    Make sure that the sprinklers aimed properly. There is nothing more wasteful than watering a drive way or side-walk. The best time of day is between 4 a.

    m. and 6 a.

    m. before sunrise. Why is that? Well, as the sun comes up it'll start to evaporate the water particles in your lawn. So watering early will ensure that the water can get and infiltrate into the soil, and the lawn can soak those particles up and get to use it.

    Think about implementing some easy to install green solutions, such as storing rain water in barrels. Choose the downspout adjacent to a garden where you intend to recycle the water to empty into a rain barrel. I hope, I've helped you to learn some simple techniques that can help you save, capture, and conserve water in your garden, as well as protect our natural resources. Good luck.