Contemporary Dancing Foot Exercises

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dancer Theresa D’Alessandro demonstrates how to contemporary dance and shows foot exercises, plies and releves.

    Theresa D'Alessandro: Hi I am Theresa D'Alessandro, the Director at the School of Theatrical Dance. We're sharing with you some of the basics concepts of contemporary dance technique. In this dance lesson you will learn exercises for the feet and ankles as well as as Plis and Relevs. Control over the foot and ankle and knee is essential in making your movements graceful and smooth. The girls are standing in two different positions. Joanie is standing in an outward rotated first position and Dana is standing in a parallel first position, this will allow you to see the different perspectives of how the foot is working. So they are going to lift the heel pressing through the toes, press the ball back down and heel and repeat. Ball, toes, ball, heel and the left foot, ball, toes, ball, heels and again ball, toes, ball, heel. Now we take that same action and extend the leg to make what we call a Tendu and they stretch it, they go to the ball, toe, ball and close and ball, toe, ball and close. You'll notice how the girls continue with the last ball to keep their torso absolutely still, this is an isolation, ball, toe, working front the hip socket and right up to the side, ball, toe, ball and close. You could balance a goldfish bowl on their head and the goldfish would never know the difference, they are holding themselves so nicely ball, toe, ball, close, ball, toe, ball, close and to the back ball, toe. So there is a lot of work going on here to keep the torso still while the leg works out from underneath, ball, toe, ball and close and left foot ball, toe, ball, close and now we are going to go into Plis and Relevs and let me Pli and stretch. Relev, here is your balance on the ball of your foot and lower and again Demi- Pli and stretch and a Relevs and roll down and we will take a step to second position. All three will be turned down, we are going to do a Grand- Pli in second position. Knees over toes and pelvis centered between the legs and Demi into Grand, knees go wide and press, you are pushing through the floor and again Demi into Grand, knees are wide and press against the floor and two more. While they're doing this it looks like they are just bending their knees but they are actually working on isometric way with the inner side and also aiming the knees way over the toes so it involves the gluteo muscle to hold the sides in place and one more Demi into Grand and Demi to Stretch. Thank you girls. In out next contemporary dance segment we'll be learning a Side and Circular stretch into a straddle press.