Contemporary Dancing Performance Piece

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dancer Theresa D’Alessandro demonstrates how to do a contemporary dancing performance piece.

    Theresa D'Alessandro: Hi, I am Theresa D'Alessandro, the Director of the School of Theatrical Dance. Now you have learned some of the basics of contemporary dance technique and we are ready to put them into a performance piece. Stormie is going to start with a basic triplet to the right. Stepping onto her right foot with the spiral, relev relev and lunging with the spiral continuing around, and Joanie into the tilt with the retir crossing over to connect into second parallel, contract, release and Dana is coming in with the side fall, one side then the other, pressing back, straddle and finish in fourth. Now that you have learned the dance performance piece, we would like illustrate to you how you can interpret it in two different ways. The first way the girls will perform it is a more lyrical interpretation. You will notice the dance movements are a little more fluid and controlled.

    Now let's try a different approach, the girls will be dancing to drum beat this time, giving it a more dynamic and percussive feel, a little bit sharper and a little bit faster.