Controlling Lawn Grubs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss demonstrates how to control lawn grubs, including what grubs are and how they damage your turf.

    William Moss: Can you hear that? It's early fall and right now lawn grubs are munching on turf roots. While they are feeding at the surface, let's go get them. Today we are hunting lawn grubs. Grubs are beetle larvae which feed on the roots of your grass which of course damages your lawn. Just as damaging can be the raccoons, skunks and other animals that dig up your turf, trying to feed on grubs. The whole row of grubs continues in spring when they hatch and turn into Japanese beetle, chinch bugs and chafer beetles which then go feed on your bushes, veggies and other garden plants. Fortunately, we can break the cycle now. And we can do it sustainably.

    Sprays derived from the seeds of neem trees are effectively killing grubs organically. Follow directions closely. The hose spray attachment makes it easy to do. You can also use biological control. Nematodes are microscopic worms that eat grubs. It's like having a tiny army to battle for you. The best way to apply them is to simply place them down in a bucket, put a little water on them and mix them with compost or mulch. Then you can spread them all throughout your lawn and other plants. They will take care of the rest. Nematodes are harmless to the good guys, you should not have to worry about your earthworms or your ladybugs. The squeeze of dying grubs, that sounds better. Treat for grubs now and your lawn and garden will thank you later. Get out and grow!