Cook Chicken for Enchiladas

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to cook chicken for enchiladas.

    Hi! I am April Gruszkowski and I am showing you how to make enchiladas. Now I am going to make a chicken filling. First we will take a piece of chicken breast this is tender one, and cut into small pieces, kind of like strips.

    I like boneless skin of chicken breast, because it is a less work for me. And this is probably not going to take a whole package of chicken breasts. What I like to do is to buy package and freeze the other half. So we have got some chicken and I am just going to heat up the skillet and I am turning this on to medium heat and I am going to heat up a little bit of olive oil, and then just add the chicken. Slice up little bit of garlic to put it there, season it. Little bit of black pepper, little salt, some cumin. And if you like it spicy a little bit of cayenne.

    Now just saut this a little until it's done all the way through. I like to keep the garlic really close to the Chicken to get some more flavor in that. And I am just going to cook this in until all the pink gone. And when the Chicken cook through you can turn this off.

    Next, we are going to make a vegetarian filling for the enchiladas.