Cooking Pasta for Lasagna

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Davide Megna demonstrates how to cook pasta for lasagna.

    Davide Megna: Hello, I am Davide Megna from Amici Miei in Rockville Maryland. Today I am showing how to make lasagna and right now I am going to show you how to cook our pasta sheets. I have boiling water with salt, I am going to add a little bit of oil inside the water that would prevent the pasta sheets to stick together after they are cooked. So the water is boiling, I am going to start putting my sheets inside. Since it is a fresh made dough, it will cook very, very quickly. So in a couple of minutes it will be ready. I am going to check with my finger if the pasta is actually cooked and then we leave it another minute. Okay now that the pasta is ready, we are going to use a skimmer and we are going to pick up the pasta and put it in some ice water that will stop the cooking of the pasta, that way we are not going to let the pasta overcook. So now that we have cooked and cooled down our pasta, we are going to put it in a colander and we get -- so we strain the pasta into a colander. Okay so that is how you cook your pasta sheets and next I am going to show you how to put together a Lasagna.