Cool Magic Tricks – Bent & Restored Fork

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Magician John Given demonstrates the bent and restored fork magic trick.

    Astonishing John: Hi! I'm San Diego magician, professional magician Astonishing John, and I'm here to teach you just how to do some fun tricks with magic. Would you like to learn a fun trick? Great! I've got one for you right now. This one is called the Bent and Restored Fork, and I'll tell you why. This is the thickest, hardest, toughest fork I could find and I'm going to make it bend just like butter. Watch closely.

    Grab it really tight so you can do this well, and I am going to push it down into the table like this, until it bends all the way over. Rub it into between my hands, bring it back to normal, just like that. I'll teach you how to do this too. You could do this several times, just as it blows people away. I just grab it, bend it, like that, rub it, back to the normal. One more time, grab it, bend it, rub it between the hands, back to normal.

    I'm going to show you how this is done. It's very simple. All you do, it's all in the grip. It looks like I'm bending the fork; I'm not bending at all. What I'm doing is this, I'm grabbing the fork in front of you so you can see it, and just as I'm bringing it up here, I'm moving my thumb to the other side. That makes it this kind of a grip instead of this.

    Or you could grab it just like that. Bring it up here, put your hands on top and push down. But what people don't see is what's going on in the back. What's going on in the back is when you push down, you're releasing the fork, finger by finger by finger, until you're done here and just this little finger is holding it. This is faced exactly away from the people that are looking at the fork and it looks like this.

    It's bent completely over, then I put it in my hands, rub it, it's back to normal. You do it a couple of times and people are really going to be surprised. That really looks like you've bent it. It's very easy to do. One more time, put the grip like this, get a real tight grip, but basically it's a loose grip. It looks tight but it's very loose and when you go to push it, you let it go down like this one, two, three, until you're holding just by the nail of your little finger. It really looks like it's bent from the front. It looks like this again. Bent all the way down, rub it between your hands, drop it, it's back and restored. That is called the Bent and Restored Fork.

    If you practice this, do it in front of a mirror a few times, until it looks good and you sell an idea that you're bending that fork, you're going to blow people away everywhere you go. They're going to say, hey! Bend that fork, would you? And you'll be able to do it.

    The next trick I'm going to show you is one of my favorite tricks. It's called the Torn and Restored Paper Straw. And wait to see this one, this is great.