Cool Magic Tricks – Dissolving Coins

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Magician John Given demonstrates the dissolving coins magic trick.

    John Given: Hi! I'm Astonishing John; I am professional magician here in San Diego, California, and I am going to teach you how to do some fun tricks with magic. You want to learn one right now, I have got a great one for you. This is called dissolving coins. What we do is we take a coin here and basically it works best if you borrow a coin. Let's say that someone gave me this coin to borrow. I am going to take this coin right here and dissolve it, make it melt right through my arm. Now how that's done is I take and rub it right here on my arm and I rub it until it gets warm, let me get it warm here. In doing so, it starts to break down, yeah it's doing it now, it breaks down and little by little, it dissolves into my arm and totally disappears. You like that? Would you like to learn how it's done? I thought you might. Let me show you.

    How it's done is a little bit of misdirection, that's exactly what's done and not much more; a lot of misdirection and a little bit of lying, yeah, I do lie a little bit when I do magic, but it just helps to make people feel that they've really seen something amazing. Here is how it's done. You take the coin, and you hold it in your right hand, so everybody can see it easily. You are going to tell them what you are doing as you are going to rub it into your arm and make it disappear and vanish. When you are doing that, since it's on the tips of your fingers, you might drop it. When you do drop it and you will because that's how you do this trick, you reach down to pick up the coin. When you pick it up, you put it in this hand but you don't; you fake putting it in that hand. You look at this hand like the coin is right there but the coin is here and I am bringing it to put it back here on my neck. Then I am going to tuck it a little bit underneath my shirt so there it sits, and this is what they see. As soon as I put that where I want it, I move my hand away from my neck. All the same time I am rubbing the coin here. There is nothing here but they think there is a coin here and I'll check that and say, well, you know, it's not quite warm, yeah, it's starting to warm up. I think this might work. And as you are rubbing it, you are just lying that the coin is there. You are looking at it like it's there and one by one, yes, it's working now, I remove my fingers like that until the last finger is there. It's gone. My hand up here is been out of the way the whole time, and I show it empty as well, the coin has vanished. They are going to say, wow, that was great. Can you do it again? And I always say, yeah, do you get more quarters? Actually, if you got your shirt tucked in, you could end up with a lot of coins in your shirt, I will tell you that. So this is a lot of fun. This is called the dissolving coin; practice it until it looks good. Look in front of a mirror when you practice it, and when you get good enough to do this and just sell it, you will be baking people just -- I don't know what they are going to do; they are going to think you did some kind of miracle and for them, you did. Now remember, don't ever tell them how you do magic tricks, and oh, incidentally, we've got another great trick coming up. It's the coin penetration. I am going to make the coin, one of these remaining quarters, penetrate through this table.