Cool Magic Tricks – Psychokinetic Straw

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Magician John Given demonstrates the psychokinetic straw magic trick.

    Astonishing John: Hi! I am professional magician Astonishing John from San Diego and how would you like to learn a magic trick. I've got a great magic trick for you right here, it's called the Cycle Kinetic Straw. Let me show you how it's done. You can do this any place you go that has straws. You just get a paper straw, rip it open, lay it down on the table and by rubbing your hands together you create a certain charge.

    Some people think that they do it cycle kinetically. I do it, I don't know electromagnetically -- I don't know how exactly it works. But once I get the good charge and I feel like -- I can make the straw move just like that and so can you. Watch one more time. This time I make it come to my hand. It's as simple as that, the Cycle Kinetic Straw.

    You're going to have a lot of fun with this one and people are going to say, wait a second you have real powers, you do. And now I'll tell you what that power is. You're full of hot air, okay. This is how it works. This is all just basically salesmanship. What you do is you take the straw and you put it at an angle on the paper and you pretend to create a charge, a power in your hand. And when you take your hand over the straw and you go to move it you will also blow a little bit. And when you blow a little bit, move your hand with the straw. It looks like you made it move, it looks very cool and you can also go in front of the straw. Makes it look like you move. You can also put your hand all over here, make it go to the hand, the Cycle Kinetic Straw.

    You are going to have fun with this one because people really buy into the idea of psychic power. And I am Astonishing John, remember have fun with magic and I'll see you the next time. Thank you very much.