Coolest Building in Tampa

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Designed by Architect Harry Wolf and built in1988, this building believe it or not was based on the Fibonocci Series, a complicated mathematical concept that has raised the eyebrows of many architects and was given a top architectural award in 1993 for its distinct design.

    Robin Kay: Hi there! This is Robin Kay; we're here at the Rivergate Tower in Downtown Tampa, home to the museum of photographic arts and other great businesses.

    But before we enter the museum you're going to want to know that the Rivergate Tower is one of the more interesting architectural buildings in United States. Design by architect Harry Wolf and built in 1988, this building believe it or not was based on Fibonacci series, a complicated mathematical concept that has raised the eyebrows of many architects.

    Doug Brewer: The building was designed around Fibonacci sequence which is made famous in the book The Da Vinci Code, where the numbers 1 and 3 are very prevalent in the Code. The space between the columns of the building are 13 feet, the space between the window wall and the hallway wall is 39 feet.

    Robin Kay: With the cube and the cylindrical design, many say it's symbolic of a lighthouse.

    Doug Brewer: I have been involved with buildings from LA to Boston to Dallas and Rivergate Tower is by far the most unique and the coolest building I have ever been involved with.

    Robin Kay: This building is also becoming the cornerstone of Tampa's growing Downtown Arts District. Within several blocks you'll find the Performing Arts Center where you can see a Broadway show and from the water from park, enjoy the more spires of the University of Tampa.

    We are here at the atrium or the cube, soaring five storeys up, it's one of the more impressive places you can checkout here. Let's go see the museum of photographic art on the second and third floor.

    This place features really cool photography and exhibits a broad spectrum of world class photographic art from both their permanent collection and visiting exhibitions.

    Joyce Zevola: In the museum's permanent collection we have artists such as Dorothy Alling, Ruth Bernhard, Hans Sylvester and many more, we offer photography classes, community outreach work, special programs for our members such as our member's show and our your 15 minutes of fame program.

    Robin Kay: I am here at Kahwa Caf and if you're like me and you are a coffee lover, you have to try this coffee it's amazing. They roast their own coffee in small batches which helps bring out those unique flavors. I am drinking the dark roast. Interestingly enough their blends are named after the winds of the world.

    Also, if all this architecture, photography and coffee are making you hungry and you're looking for a place to eat, right next door is Malio's Steakhouse, a historic Tampa Bay restaurant that has earned its reputation as a fine dinning establishment.

    This is Robin Kay reporting from the Rivergate Tower in Tampa, Florida.